Nail Polish & Modern Family

So I was walking home through the drugstore as usual, and I saw a collection of nail polish by OPI featuring Modern Family! Modern Family is one of my favourite TV shows, so naturally I was interested to see the colours. They only had about 5 colours at the store, but the entire collection has a wide variety.

2013-150-mf_lacquer_updThe polishes have cute names with the characters of the show, such as “Am I making myself Claire”. My favourite character is Haley, followed by Lily. They are really the funniest and most likable. Haley’s blonde moments are really hilarious and Lily is just super cute. I find the colours a good representation of the characters, which makes me want to get them.

In terms of the actual colours, I find myself drawn to “A Like-Haley Story”, which is a bright  pink, and “Candid Cameron”, a duo-chrome shimmery teal. I’m sad to say that I already have a colour similar to the bright pink, and I would never use the teal.

Besides, I have a rule that forbids me to buy new polishes that don’t fit inside my nail polish box. Right now my box is full, so unless I throw one out, I can’t buy a new one.

I love the show and the colours, but I think I’ll pass on these polishes.


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