Haircut time! Hairstyles inspirations

Its about time I got a haircut again! After doing a quick search it turns out, the last time I cut my hair was September 15, which is pretty much half a year ago. So, even if a girl’s haircut is $35 and a guy’s haircut is $15, and lets say guys get their hair cut once a month, totalling to $180 per year, and girls total to $70 per year. So who spends more money on haircuts…

Anyways, same site as last time (

werewr wqewqe 324342


I’m really only looking at the fringe / bangs, because the hair length will be different anyways. These three are pretty similar and its kind of what I always go for.. although it never turns out the same 😛 I trim my bangs at home, so they aren’t too long at the moment. Probably why I’ve lasted half a year without actually cutting my hair.. because I feel like the back always looks the same anyways, as long as the front looks ok, its good enough for me.

Also, these girls are really cute.


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