Recent makeup / beauty purchases



From left to right (with a mini “first impressions” review):

  1. Covergirl lip perfection jumbo gloss balm – 215 “watermelon twist”
    I’ve been looking to try these jumbo lip sticks for a while – decided to try this one because i liked the name (watermelon). The colour is nice, but its not very hydrating and feels dry quickly. Smells like old lipsticks (not a smell I like). I like the twist up application though. 3/5. 
  2. Loreal nail colour – 530 “now you sea me”
    I wanted some nice bright pastel spring colours for my nails, and this was the best I could find. Its a very nice ocean blue, and achieves about 70% opacity with one coat. Which is fine, because sometimes I don’t like having a too strong nail colour. 4.5/5.
  3. Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer
    Again something I’ve been planning to buy for a while. I picked up this one while I was at new york for $20, which is a few dollars cheaper than here in Canada. From reviews I decided to get this over the Urban Decay Primer Potion, but no one mentioned the smell! I thought I got a defective one, because when I put this primer on my eye I smelt this nasty fishy smell. I even went so far as to bringing it back to Sephora to exchange, but when I smelt the other ones, they were all the same. The oil in the primer also separates slightly. Performance-wise, however, the Too Faced primer was really good. 4/5, but I’m getting the UDPP next time.
  4. Revlon Lip Butter – 090 “sweet tart”
    I love these lip butters, but I can never seem to pick out the right colour. The first one I got (strawberry shortcake) was too light of a pink and looked weird on me, the second (pink truffle) was too brown, and I think I got it right with this one. Its a very very bright pink, similar to the Covergirl watermelon twist. 4.5/5.
  5. Wet n wild Color Icon – 738 Comfort Zone
    This is my second and last makeup item from New York – it was like $5, which is super cheap if you come from Canada. I know they sell wet n wild in Walmart and stuff, but I’ve never seen them, so I decided to get it. I’ve seen people on youtube use this and talk about it, so I thought I’d try it out. The eyeshadow is really really good – very pigmented and soft. Only minor complaint I have it the colours they put together. I wish they had more neutral colours since it is a “comfort zone” palette, but performance-wise, it is very good. 4/5.

Some close ups – I know the colours are off, theres not enough light here and I’m using a yellow lamp:

DSC_0425 DSC_0428


3 thoughts on “Recent makeup / beauty purchases”

  1. I have one of the Wet n’ Wild palettes, and it’s actually pretty nice for the price. It’s got a good pigmentation to it. Everyone is talking about the Revlon lip butters, but I haven’t gotten a chance to pick one up yet.

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