Photos #11 – Park Animals

DSC_0601 DSC_0668 DSC_0598 DSC_0619 DSC_0629 DSC_0640 DSC_0653


  1. Brother and sister ducks
  2. Brother and sister geese
  3. Uncle squirrel and neice chipmunk
  4. Squirrel lady
  5. Squirrel
  6. Squirrel
  7. Me feeding the squirrel

Taken at High Park, Toronto. Originally I wanted to see the cherry blossoms but they were mostly dead or dying so we were more interested in the animals. I liked the chipmunks the most. They are the cutest and so tiny but they run so fast!

This was the first time I got so close to a squirrel. They usually run away. Either they are used to people walking around the park, or they were lured in by the peanuts. Either way, it was the first time a squirrel took food from my hand! Reminds me of my hamsters I used to have, except my hamsters were cuter and tinier.


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