Photos #14: Anime North

I had a freakin awesome time at Anime North this year – it was my first time ever going to an cosplay / anime event like this. I was quite surprised at the level of dedication people put into their costumes! Although the events themselves weren’t too exciting (panels, talks, etc), I loved seeing the cosplay. If I go again next year, I definitely want to cosplay as an anime character myself! Its really fun, and its the one day you get to live as your favourite anime character, and have people take pictures of you like you’re a celebrity =)

DSC_0964 DSC_0965  DSC_0950 DSC_0952 DSC_0958 DSC_0978

  1. Pink girl knight
  2. Pink haired girl (is it chobits?)
  3. Natsu and Gray (Fairy Tail)
  4. Avatar characters (the green girl really looked like the character, can’t remember the name lol)
  5. Shyvana (with a skin) and Ahri from League of Legends
  6. Malzahar, Miss Fortune and Nocturne from League of Legends

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