Best hamster cage!

dwarf hamster


I had two pet hamsters when I was little, one of my friends’ hamster had a bunch of baby hamsters and he gave two to me. I remember, it was the first day of High School, which is Year 7. We got the cage from the pet store, because we were noob and didn’t know what else to get. They lived together for a while and then we bought a separate cage because they kept fighting.

We had one of those metal wire frame with two levels cages. It wasn’t awfully large, but then the hamster was a dwarf hamster, so I think it was big enough. Plus I always took it out to play anyway.

But I recently stumbled upon this hamster cage idea, I think its the best thing ever! Its super large, and its transparent, so you can see the hamster all the time. You can personalize it with whatever toys and bedding you want, and it looks amazing!



Its actually the Detolf glass shelf from Ikea, and turned on the side, without the glass shelves. I think its so pretty, this guy put real soil and plants so its like the natural environment. Theres so many things you could put in it to make it look pretty and let the hamster play. It would be a pain to change the sand / bedding though…

neu maxresdefault



This is what the Ikea Detolf is meant to look like – its for displaying valuables I suppose. Its about $70. If I ever get hamsters again I’d go for this as a cage!


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