My dream houses!

I always imagine myself living in a nice luxurious house in the suburbs or countryside, with trees and grass and of course my future dog =)

As long as I’m dreaming, I imagine my house as either futuristic or medieval. I don’t like to have a house that looks like all the other houses. I want my house to be special and admired!

19-castle-homes-you-can-actually-buySomething like this would be super cool. The brick walls and conical roofs make it look like a castle, which is something I really love. The placement and size of the windows and doors look practical and functional.

Modern-House-Design-by-Keith-Baker_1This type of house is modern looking but still practical and not weird like those ones with blobs sticking out for no reason. The full length glass makes it look very stylish, but at the same time limits the privacy. Having curtains installed wouldn’t have the same effect and would just make the glass redundant.


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