10 Favourite Things of 2013

The end of the year is the time of reflection. Here are ten of my favourite things this year – things that I love and would use/do even if I didn’t have to.

1. My two bedtime snuggies (Moose moose and cow cow). Moose moose has been with me the longest but cow cow is the softest and cuddliest.



2. My beauty blender. The best thing I’ve ever used to slap foundation and concealer on my face.I try to use only one side so the other side looks new.



3. My e-reader. I’ve read so many books on this thing. I used to read 2 hours everyday on my commute to work, but now I just read on bed when I have time. Loading books onto my e-reader is much easier than buying or borrowing books.



4. My Razer DeathAdder mouse. Its great when used on a mouse pad. Love the blue light and navigation buttons on the side. Great for gaming too.



5. My purple scarf. Its become my signature scarf. I use another one now, because its black and white and more neutral, but the purple one is still my favourite. I like the colour, and my mother bought it for me before I moved to Canada. Said it would keep me warm.



6. My black uni-ball gel pen. 0.7mm diameter and its the only pen I’ve used for writing notes in school. I feel lost without it. Once I didn’t have it for class and I was sad because I had to write in pencil. I also wrote one of my exams with this pen 🙂



7. My YSL Rouge Volupte Shine #6 lipstick. I got this recently (for Christmas actually) but its my favourite already. Its a beautiful colour, and its so smooth and moisturizing. Not to mention the gold tube design.



8. My favourite drink – Starbucks green tea frappacino. One day I’m going to make this drink at home so I won’t have to dish out five bucks every time I drink it.



9. Favourite trip – New York. I haven’t been to many places this year, just a few, but New York definitely was the best. Its so vibrant and exciting!



10. Favourite TV show – Modern Family. Its been my favourite show for a while, I’m always waiting for it to come out on wednesdays. Hailey and Lily are my favourite characters.



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