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My home is Hong Kong, and I study in Canada. I like sunsets and stars and everything pretty :)

New lens – 17-70

So this is the Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM C lens. What a long name. This is the “new” version – it has the C on the side.

I decided to buy this because I wanted a kit lens upgrade, and this has a larger aperture and macro mode, two things which I really like! The kit lens is always giving me “the subject is too dark” complaints.

This lens gets really amazing shots, colour is amazing, bokeh is amazing, macro is… magical. I can literally have the subject touching the lens and it will still focus. But… just one complaint from me – its way too heavy! The kit lens is 195g, and this is 535g. Almost 3 times the weight! And I think that’s what makes it unusable for me.. I will never look forward to bringing this lens around.


Pictures – Calgary Trip

I went on a extended weekend trip to Calgary to visit my friends and had a really great time! We saw some pretty sights, ate some amazing food, and experienced fun activities.


^ This is the view of the Badlands in Drumheller


^ This is Lake Agnes at Banff


^ This is Lake Louis at Banff


^ This is the city of Banff

Pictures – Tobermory Cruise

For Labour Day weekend we decided to head to Tobermory for a road trip. It was really fun since we decided super last minute and ended up having to yolo a lot of the trip. We went on a sunset cruise and it was reaaally pretty! Sunsets are one of my favourite things. They are so simple yet so pure.

Pictures below are from iPhone 6s, since I didn’t bring my camera this time.


Pictures – Crawford Lake, Ontario

Summer is finally around the corner and the weather was really nice this weekend! We decided to get in touch with nature this Victoria Day weekend, and visit Crawford Lake Conservation Park.

The hiking is not too demanding, and has nice scenic views. I wish that the trails were a little longer – they are only around 30-45 minutes long, but I’d like something like 3-4 hours. Also, you have to pay $7.5 per person, which was a bit much, since we only stayed for an hour or so.