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Do-it-yourself projects

DIY: De-potting eyeshadows

Looking at my mess of eyeshadow quads, I decided impulsively to depot them into one big palette. I bought some z-palettes online (from FTB beauty), and they should be here in a few days. Anyway, I looked up some methods for depotting, and I wanted to stay away from the ones involving fire or heat because I know I will do something stupid.


So I went with the knife method. Basically, you use a knife to try and lift the eyeshadows out of the plastic casing. Jabbing the corners of the pan will loosen the glue, and you should be able to take the eyeshadow pan out easily. From my experience, some brands put more glue than others, and some are easier to depot than others. Just be careful not to stab the eyeshadow itself. I did.


For single eyeshadows, the pan usually has a small hole at the back, because they predicted you would depot them. So just use a paperclip or something that fits in the hole to poke the eyeshadow pan out. Shouldn’t be too hard. I actually used the knife from the top because I didn’t know there was a hole. Noobs.


Here are the ones I depotted today. As you can see, the knife did slip and cause some holes in the eyeshadow. Didn’t stab myself though, so I call it a good day/ Also, if theres a lot of glue stuck to the bottom of the pan, you should clean that off. I just scraped it off with a tissue.


For some reason, the Wet n Wild eyeshadows didnt work with the knife method. I read somewhere that they don’t use metal for the pans, so when I tried to lift it out, it just buckled. I’m not too sad because this palette cost like $5 but maybe try gently to see if it will deform the pan, or do some research on which brands use metal and which brands don’t.

For these non-metal pans, i think the only way is to melt the plastic from underneath to soften it and poke the pan out.

Depotting eyeshadows is surprisingly fulfilling. I like arranging them into one big collection in a palette rather than have several quads in my drawer.


DIY: Reuse

Having recently spent many hours on a report/project about waste management, this problem has infiltrated into my mind. The amount of waste produced is huge. Here in Toronto, we filled up a landfill in Michigan, which is ridiculous anyways, as transportation across the border has a high price. New technologies, such as plasma arc gasification, which decomposes waste into its fundamental elements, can assist in reducing the amount of waste that enters into the landfill, but still costs a lot of material and labour to run. Waste can also be used as a source of energy, given adequate development in technologies.

A long term solution to the problem is to reduce waste production. Toronto diverts 70% of solid waste, from recycling techniques such as green/blue/yellow/whatever bins.

So anyway, in a round about way, today when I was cooking I realised the plastic container which my tomatoes came in could be reused, instead of going into the trash. So I washed it, and cut it in half, and I have a new place to store my things! It can be used for anything really, pens, jewellery, medicine, screws and nails, pennies, etcetc. I used it to store some cosmetics, but I will arrange it properly when I have time.

Plastic box

New container!

This was kind of a random post, but my main message is try not to waste things! Almost everything we do will have some sort of impact, so we should try and reduce it 🙂

DIY: How to “unthicken” old nail polishes

Old nail polishes thicken and dry out over time, which makes it extremely difficult to use. Here is a trick that may or may not work, but if the nail polish is dead anyways, you might as well take a risk since its doing you no good just sitting there.

What you need:

  • Nail polish remover
  • Optional: eye dropper

So basically all you do is drop the nail polish remover into the nail polish, one drop at a time, and keep shaking the bottle after each drop. When you feel that the polish is at the desired consistency, don’t add anymore. So simple! You want to be careful though, if you add too much, theres no going back. Generally I think 2-3 drops is enough.

There are things called ‘thinners’ which are designed especially for this purpose. They are probably better, but I don’t really want to buy one, since a new bottle of nail polish is probably cheaper anyways.

DIY: Lip Scrub

An easy and yummy way to get rid of dry and flaking skin on lips is this DIY lip scrub. It tastes/smells really good and is simple to make.

What you need:

  1. Honey (1/4)
  2. Vaseline / Petroleum Jelly (1/4)
  3. Coarse sugar (2/4)

Use any container, I used a small jar, and put everything into it, using the ratios honey:vaseline:sugar = 1:1:2. Then mix everything together with something small and you’re done! To use, you want to scoop out a little and rub it all over your lips, then wait a bit and wash it off.

I tried this and it doesn’t really get rid of all the flakiness (the sugar crystals might have been too large) but makes it a lot better , and it moisturises the lips too. Oh and it smells super sweet!