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What I got & bought for Christmas

12312First – what I bought myself over the holidays

  1. Mischa Perfect Cover BB Cream (No. 21)
  2. Victoria’s Secret Love is Heavenly Eau de Parfum
  3. Razer Death Adder Mouse

grthtrhytryWhat I got for Christmas:

  1. Stud diamond-like earrings from Mosaic
  2. Picture frame collage partially filled with my own pictures
  3. Gold charm bracelet
  4. Adata 32GB USB 3.0 with my League of Legends in-game name engraved (Aerosteon)

I didn’t include the clothes / apparel items I got / bought. Will do a collective haul sometime soon.

I didn’t get many presents this year because we decided to do secret santa. I don’t mind though, it means spending less money.


Outfit of the day #1



OOTD #1: Girls Night Out (Christmas Dinner)

  1. Peach dress from Costa Blanca
  2. Black cropped cardigan from store in HK
  3. Black elastic waist belt from HK
  4. Black tights from H&M
  5. Black tall boots
  6. Pearl necklace
  7. Hair: straightened
  8. Nails: Enrapture (revlon)

Then obviously I threw on a thick scarf and a thick jacket because its rather cold outside.

Black Friday Shopping: Boots!

DSC_0235So this past Black Friday Sale I only got one thing – these boots from Browns. That same day, my one year old $200 leather boots decided to break at the zip.. Long story, but in a nutshell, I thought if I bought expensive boots they would be better quality and last longer, but after being worn for a few months (winter only), they already broke. They were my first pair of tall boots, so I can’t really compare, but I was severely disappointed.

Anyways, Browns were having a nice sale on their online shop, and I decided to pick this one up. And they arrived today! After a week or so.

DSC_0228They were called “grey” colour, but they aren’t a true grey, more like a muddy grey. They only had one size left – size 9 – but their size chart said size 9 was equivalent to a UK 39. So I got it. And it is too big for me.

DSC_0231Yeah… I don’t know if I should keep them. They look nice but they are really too big. When I wear them, my toes are realllyyy far from the front tip. I can’t even touch it no matter how far fowards I stretch. They look really long as well. Soo….


New: leather jacket!

I finally found a leather (or faux leather) jacket! I’ve been looking for ages, but I didn’t want to get one that was too expensive or too plastic looking. I found this yesterday, at Winners. Winners is a very hit and miss store, they have tons of clothes but it takes effort to find something that is good. They tend to have a lot of large sizes, and it takes a lot of digging to find smaller sizes for regular people. But when you do find something, it pays off.

This jacket has a grey leather-like exterior, and a silky leopard print on the inside. It has no hood, but I’d probably layer it with something that has a hood. The material is quite soft, not like those sticky plastic feeling material. The best part? It was only $29.99!

The brand is Ci Sono by Cavalini. Apparently they are a wholesale brand.

Anyways, I can’t wait to wear it 🙂 hopefully its not too cold already..

Love it or hate it?

As the weather approaches winter, I’ve seen more and more of these shoes – Uggs. Uggs have been a topic of controversy, some people really hate them and others wear them all day, everyday.

I can see why people really like them – they are super soft and comfy and warm. The entire shoe is lined with fur, so its like walking on fluffy wool all day. On the other hand, they can look tacky, especially since they wear out faster than other shoes.

I think they look cute when worn correctly. Just remember that Uggs are casual winter boots, so wearing them with leggings or jeans look nice, but wearing them bare legged does not. Also, because Uggs are made from a soft material, they can get worn out quite easily. Dirty or misshapen Uggs do not look fashionable. Like in the picture above, when worn as winter boots, they look cozy and effortlessly put together.

Love or Hate? Love.

J.Crew in Toronto!


I’ve heard so much about this store, J.Crew, from American youtubers and they finally made in into Canada! This one is at Eaton Center, the one I go to a lot and is within walking distance from where I live.

The store looks nice but its a little out of my price range. For a similar sweater I could get for $30 or less, why pay 3 times the price… for the brand? I don’t know… I’m not at that stage in life where I make so much money I can afford to shop at places like these. Maybe in the future!

But its definitely nice having nice stores in Canadian malls! If only they had shops like River Island and Brandy Melville and those other shops I keep hearing about but have never seen…

Love it or hate it?

Thigh / knee high socks


Socks that come up to the knee or above the knee are a bit of a fashion statement, as they are harder to pair with outfits. The bit of skin that is showing above the socks tend to look less slim than the skin covered with the black socks, which means that people with thicker thighs will have a harder time wearing them. Also, wearing these socks can appear a little slutty, since they are usually paired with short skirts or shorts. 

Anyways, I think they can look really cute when worn correctly, with the right shoes and skirt/shorts. For example:


Here she is wearing a short black skirt with socks that come just above the knee. Looks super cute.

What I don’t think looks good:

Well its not too bad… I dont know… Maybe black looks better. 

Anyways… Love or hate? I’d say love… conditional love.