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A collection of pictures of random food (at home & out):

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  1. Homemade chicken wings
  2. Eggs Benedict at Cora’s
  3. Mango tofu & some fried chicken
  4. Homemade Mince beef curry
  5. Homemade chicken leg
  6. Ice cream dessert



For some reason the aircon cooling system is messed up or really weak… It’s set to 21 degrees, but the inside temperature is 28. So its really really hot. Plus, not only is it hot, its also really dry as well. It feels like its hot from within. I don’t even know why its so hot in here because the outside temperature is cooler than 28. Maybe because there are west facing ceiling to floor windows, and its kind of like a greenhouse in here. I’ve mentioned before, the curtains are really thin and does little to block the sunlight.

So, luckily, there was some häagen-dazs ice-cream bars in the fridge. The ice cream was good but I didn’t like the chocolate crust that much. It was too sweet. Overall I don’t like chocolate. I need to buy some fruit flavoured ice lollies, because those are my favourite.

Food: Ethiopian

Tried out a new restaurant today… An Ethiopian restaurant. We didn’t know what to get so we asked for a recommendation. This huge platter of various curries and beans and meat (not sure what they are) was shared between us, and there were no spoons or forks, only pieces of bland pancakes that we used to scoop up the food. The whole meal was eaten using hands, and the flour pancake thing provided the filler/staple part of the meal.

The food was very different to the things I normally eat, and the eating with hands was kind of weird. Also, the little holes in the pancake set off my cluster-phobia (Trypophobia), and I spent the entire time cringing and had goosebumps on my arms.

To illustrate:

I really don’t want to see it so here is a thumbnail. This is the pancake thing at the bottom of the platter after most of the food is eaten. Also the pictures are bad quality because I only had my phone with me.

Frozen fruit & Yogurt

Late night snack.

On the way home I had a craving for ice lollies but they were kinda expensive and not on sale, but i saw the frozen fruits on sale! So I bought the ones with assorted fruit (they also had mango, strawberries, cranberries), and some strawberry yogurt. And I made my own yogurt & frozen fruit dessert 🙂

So after I dump all the fruit in, I mix the yogurt with the fruit, and eat them together. It was so cold my mouth went numb and I had a brain freeze. I love it 🙂


Le short post.

Room mate got me this sweet potato cake with a cute mouse thing from Korean town. We each ate a quarter of it at 1am.

Food: Bibimbap

I ate korean food for dinner tonight!

I don’t eat korean food as often as japanese, just because they don’t have korean restaurants near where I live. And also because I never really know what’s good and what’s not.

Tonight I got the bibimbap, which comes in a hot stone pot that continues to sizzle for a while, and burns and rice sticking to the sides. Bibimbap is like a combination of various vegetables and rice and some meat, and then you mix it all together in a big pot.

I never tried eating this in korean restaurants because I tried this on the plane once (Korean Air) and it tasted really bad. Maybe because it was cold or the food wasn’t as good on the plane. Anyways it was much better than that thing on the plane.

It was really good and pretty cheap. I should come here more often. I love the free appetisers (especially the sweet potato and the seaweed). And the thin metal chopsticks really challenges your chopstick skills. So fun 😀