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Japanese Curry

Made Japanese Curry today for the first time 😀

I used a vacuum cooker because my roomate left her half eaten food in the other pot and neglected it for about 10 days and now it smells like something’s died whenever I open it to try and clean it. I’m not cleaning it for her. She can leave it there until I move out for all I care. I’m not the one living next to the kitchen.

Anyways, turned out awesome! I’ll try it again sometime soon.


Food: Watermelon

Don’t have much interesting things that come to mind, so here’s a mini watermelon I ate! It was super sweet and full of water and has really thin skin! Even though it was a small one, I couldn’t finish it all so I ate this over 2-3 days. It was excellent.

I cut it up because I like eating fruits without the skin. I would buy this more often if my roommates would stop stuffing the fridge full of junk they never use -_-

Food: Nothing to Eat Sundays

As a very lazy and unmotivated individual, I have trouble getting myself out of the house on days such as weekends, when I have no reason to do anything outside the comfort of my room. I, therefore, have no fresh groceries and the challenge of feeding myself arises.

This weekend, I came up with this. I call it the onion and salmon mix with rice.

As the name suggests, it is a dish of sliced up onions cooked with mashed up salmon. The salmon is from a can, and the onion I happened to have half in the fridge. This dish is extremely easy to make and takes about 10 minutes. I judge the acceptability of a dish by the cooking and prep time required. Anything that can be ready before the rice cooker finishes cooking the rice is acceptable, anything beyond that is too much for me.

As you can see from the picture, there is a second bowl of this salmon and onion mix. One can of salmon with half an onion is enough for two servings, so I will be eating this for my next meal as well, which is perfect because I won’t have to cook anything! Oh, and, it tastes pretty good, despite however unappetising it may appear.

Food: Japanese takeout

I don’t have much to talk about so here is a picture of a lovely meal I had a few days ago. I bought it from a japanese/korean restaurant nearby one night when I was too lazy to cook. This is the chicken teriyaki dinner set, and it comes with 3 pieces of sushi rolls and 2 salmon sushis, a salad and some noodles.

The chicken teriyaki was quite decent, it wasn’t spectacular but I don’t have any complaints. Underneath the chicken pieces are some bean sprouts. The salad, on the other hand, I didn’t really like. Its basically just a few raw pieces of lettuce with some sauce slapped on. I didn’t really like the sauce; it was too sour. The noodles (not sure what its called) was quite excellent 🙂

The sushi was excellent too. I rarely have complaints when it comes to sushi.

The packaging was a little excessive, and perhaps they could have cut down on the polystyrene containers to be a little more environmentally friendly, but all in all, it was a great meal and I hope I made you all hungry 🙂

Tea ball

I don’t know the name of this little thing but its used to make tea. Its a metal mesh ball, used to keep tea leaves inside and under the water. I use it for making chrysanthemum tea using dried chrysanthemum flowers, and because the flowers float, they don’t completely open up, so I wanted this to keep the flowers under water.

I let the flowers soak for a few minutes then mix some honey in the tea. Then a cup of warm chrysanthemum tea with honey is made!

Red Bean Ice Cream

My roomate offered me to try this ice cream a while ago, and I thought it was really good! So when I saw this on sale at the supermarket I decided to buy it. Its a fairly large tub, and there are some other flavours too, like ginger and green tea.

The ice cream is very creamy and very light. It doesn’t taste sickeningly sweet, and has bits of red bean in it. I don’t know why I used a tiny bowl because I can easily eat more than that in one sitting. I like it!

Sushi & Japanese Curry for dinner

Look what I got for dinner!

Japanese chicken curry, california roll, salmon & tuna sushi, salad and soups. And I didn’t have to move a step out of my apartment! I ordered and paid online, and 30 minutes later, food arrived at my doorstep (from a cute cute :P)!

Just to make things clear, I don’t eat this much. I’m saving the rice for tomorrow’s lunch. I had the salad, soup and sushi for dinner.

SUSHI! It was alright, very filling. Next time I will go with another type of maki because the fish sushi tastes a little plain and repetitive after a while.

And this is a close up of the curry. I’m sticking it in the fridge and eating tomorrow so I don’t know how it tastes. But it looks a little different to how I imaged it… the curry sauce is a little too watery… But maybe it will taste good.