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Review of movies

The Secret World of Arrietty


It’s been a while since I’ve watched any Ghibli Studio movies, so when I stumbled across this one I decided to watch it. Unfortunately, I could only find the one dubbed in English, which in my opinion ruins the movie, but it was still good. Ghibli Studio always incorporates supernatural things, and this one is about tiny people, or “Borrowers” as they call themselves. They live undetected by humans for the most part,  and “borrow” things that people won’t miss, such as a sugar cube, or a piece of tissue. And then one day a boy discovers a young female Borrower.

The soundtrack, as always, is amazing, and the story is a very pleasant, heartwarming story. No action or fighting in this one, but rather the small and simple things in life that makes you happy.



The artwork is so detailed and stunning. It’s like every scene could be a painting.

This movie reminds me a lot of the book Secret Garden, although it says it was inspired by The Borrowers by Mary Norton. I noticed in the movie, Sho was reading a book which I am sure translates to the Secret Garden. Its funny because I was thinking about it and then I saw the book title. The boy is just like that sick child in The Secret Garden, although I’ve forgotten his name. I read that book when I was in my mid teens, about 7 or 8 years ago.



Overall, can’t say its my favourite Ghibli Studio movie, but still a nice one to watch. My all time favourite is Laputa Castle in the Sky, which is actually really really old now. A close second is Spirited Away. I also liked Nausicaa Valley of the Wind, and Princess Mononoke, and one of the more recent ones Howl’s Moving Castle. They’re all amazing. Some more abstract than others, but all deliver a deeper meaning if you think about it.


Reads: Easy by Tammara Webber


This book is amazingly quick to pull readers in. The story follows a girl in university, living in dorm rooms, failing classes, joining sorority parties, etc, which makes it easy to relate to, and also very real. The story is about her falling in love with a guy, who initially seems dark and mysterious, but later opens up to her.

The theme may seem a little typical of these romantic / chick flick novels, but the author throws in the subject of rape. This is the first time I’ve read about it in a story, but maybe thats because I don’t read alot of these young adult romance novels. Either way, the author illustrates the seriousness of rape, and the aftermath -emotional trauma, and how society may react to someone claiming they were raped. Self defense is actually useful, its better to know how to defend yourself, and never use it.

This book was great to read, I didn’t want to stop reading it! The book is quite short, only a little over 200 pages, so if you’re looking for a short book to fill your time, I recommend this one!

Photos #14: Anime North

I had a freakin awesome time at Anime North this year – it was my first time ever going to an cosplay / anime event like this. I was quite surprised at the level of dedication people put into their costumes! Although the events themselves weren’t too exciting (panels, talks, etc), I loved seeing the cosplay. If I go again next year, I definitely want to cosplay as an anime character myself! Its really fun, and its the one day you get to live as your favourite anime character, and have people take pictures of you like you’re a celebrity =)

DSC_0964 DSC_0965  DSC_0950 DSC_0952 DSC_0958 DSC_0978

  1. Pink girl knight
  2. Pink haired girl (is it chobits?)
  3. Natsu and Gray (Fairy Tail)
  4. Avatar characters (the green girl really looked like the character, can’t remember the name lol)
  5. Shyvana (with a skin) and Ahri from League of Legends
  6. Malzahar, Miss Fortune and Nocturne from League of Legends

My new ereader!

DSC_0447DSC_0451  DSC_0449


I got a ereader for my birthday!!! This is the exact one I would have bought for myself – I tested a few out at Bestbuy and the Sony one is definitely the best. Apart from the Kindle. But then no retail shops actually sells kindles, you have to buy direct from Amazon. I like this one because the screen is a decent size, there are actual page turn buttons that don’t look ridiculous, and its red!

Apart from the five physical buttons at the bottom of the screen, there is a power button and the lower edge. Pressing “off” doesn’t really turn the display off, it just freezes the reader on the first page / cover of the ebook. I thought it was weird at first, but it turns out that displaying the text doesn’t use up any power – only turning pages will. So a permanent display like the book cover doesn’t use up the power supposedly. Kind of weird but I guess thats the “e-ink” stuff.

Then the actual program to load books onto the ereader –



Its a simple program but its not exactly elegant. The auto sync just doesn’t work for some reason. I have to manually go into the reader and sync – just like iTunes. I suppose its not too important, since its just for loading books, but its all part of the Sony ereader experience so I think they should improve on it. For one thing, the free Harry Potter book that supposedly came with the purchase of the ereader is impossible to download, possibly because of the website’s incompatibility with google chrome. Which is stupid because chrome is quite a popular browser…

I was already reading a paperback book (The Dark Elite series by Chloe Neill), so I only just started reading from the ereader today. I have to say, its much lighter and less chunky to carry around! I normally have about an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening during my commute to / from work. So the ereader is perfect for that slot of time when I have nothing else to do. I’ve just started a new book today – Angelfall by Susan Ee (recommended by Michelle Phan). I’ve read maybe 2 chapters? But its a really good read. It jumps into the story quickly, which I like. Can’t wait to read more of it!

Oh and I do plan on getting a cute cover for the reader, don’t want it getting all scratched up. =)



Revenge is a new TV show I’ve been watching. Its a new show – still showing Season 2 right now.

I like it because its not the usual romance, drama, comedy type, but more suspense, plotting and thinking. THe main girl, Emily, tries to ‘take revenge’ on a certain family, who in the past destroyed and framed Emily’s father. She plots and attempts brings down all the people related to her father’s scandal.

Sometimes I hate her for being such a fake and manipulating b*tch, but other times I remember she’s the victim and she is so clever in her plans. And she’s pretty too =)

On Call 36 小時 / The Hippocratic Crush


Since I spent most of my free time watching tv shows I thought I would share the one I’m currently watching. I started watching this last week.

Watching Hong Kong tv dramas is quite different from American tv shows. The acting / editing / effects is noticeably more polished in the american dramas, and theres always the same few actors / actresses in the hk dramas.

The drama is about a bunch of intern doctors at a hospital, and the dramas in between. I’m only about halfway through but theres a lot of incidents that make the show interesting. The medical aspect though, is definitely not as well researched or visualised (compared to House for example).

Not one of the best hk dramas I’ve come across but still worth watching.

Pretty Little Liars

I started watching this tv show – Pretty Little Liars – and I think its really good! I watched like 15 episodes in one day, so thats an indicator of how much I like it.

It takes place in high school, and is about these four pretty girls – (from left) Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily. The underlying plot is that their friend, Alison, died mysteriously, and the four girls start receiving messages from “A”, and they try to figure out who this “A” is. There are side stories as well, about high school and dramas within.