Canadian International Air Show 2017

For Labour Day this year I went to watch the Air Show at the CNE. It was 3 hours long but dang it was worth it. Completely free too! (Apart from parking.) My favourite was the F22 Raptor and the CF-18 Hornet, they were SO loud! The Snowbirds flying in formation were awesome as well.

Camera: Sony A6000
Lens: 55-210mm


UK Trip 2017

Had the best time on my 10 day UK Trip – London, Oxford, Bath, Bristol and Brighton – with great company and great memories 🙂

These pictures were taken with my Nikon D5100 and 18-55mm lens.


New lens – 17-70

So this is the Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4 DC Macro OS HSM C lens. What a long name. This is the “new” version – it has the C on the side.

I decided to buy this because I wanted a kit lens upgrade, and this has a larger aperture and macro mode, two things which I really like! The kit lens is always giving me “the subject is too dark” complaints.

This lens gets really amazing shots, colour is amazing, bokeh is amazing, macro is… magical. I can literally have the subject touching the lens and it will still focus. But… just one complaint from me – its way too heavy! The kit lens is 195g, and this is 535g. Almost 3 times the weight! And I think that’s what makes it unusable for me.. I will never look forward to bringing this lens around.


Pictures – Calgary Trip

I went on a extended weekend trip to Calgary to visit my friends and had a really great time! We saw some pretty sights, ate some amazing food, and experienced fun activities.


^ This is the view of the Badlands in Drumheller


^ This is Lake Agnes at Banff


^ This is Lake Louis at Banff


^ This is the city of Banff

Pictures – Tobermory Cruise

For Labour Day weekend we decided to head to Tobermory for a road trip. It was really fun since we decided super last minute and ended up having to yolo a lot of the trip. We went on a sunset cruise and it was reaaally pretty! Sunsets are one of my favourite things. They are so simple yet so pure.

Pictures below are from iPhone 6s, since I didn’t bring my camera this time.


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