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Academic Integrity

This is actually the first time I’ve been caught copying. I was rather surprised when I saw this, because it has never happened to me before. Of course, theres nothing I can do about it now, and I’m just thankful that it wasn’t for some assignment that was worth more. This one is worth around 2%. Which now I think about it, 2% could mean the difference between a B+ and a A-. I suppose I’ll just have to be more serious with the assignments and make sure I get 10/10 in all of them.

So here is the story. I did not copy her assignment. She did not copy mine. We both copied from the same person, and miraculously, he wasn’t caught. This comes down to the fact that we handed it it together, so the TA marking it will have marked them one after the other, and probably noticed it because of that. Also, there were three questions in the assignment, and we only copied the last one and half of the second one. The rest we did by ourselves, without knowing that our solutions looked similar, which is a little unfair, but we can’t tell them “we only copied the last two questions!”. So I guess we’ll just accept it and move on. No biggie.

In the future we will make sure to hand them in separately, and arrange our format and diagrams differently. I really don’t think we will be caught again. But, lesson well learnt.