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Reads: Easy by Tammara Webber


This book is amazingly quick to pull readers in. The story follows a girl in university, living in dorm rooms, failing classes, joining sorority parties, etc, which makes it easy to relate to, and also very real. The story is about her falling in love with a guy, who initially seems dark and mysterious, but later opens up to her.

The theme may seem a little typical of these romantic / chick flick novels, but the author throws in the subject of rape. This is the first time I’ve read about it in a story, but maybe thats because I don’t read alot of these young adult romance novels. Either way, the author illustrates the seriousness of rape, and the aftermath -emotional trauma, and how society may react to someone claiming they were raped. Self defense is actually useful, its better to know how to defend yourself, and never use it.

This book was great to read, I didn’t want to stop reading it! The book is quite short, only a little over 200 pages, so if you’re looking for a short book to fill your time, I recommend this one!


Harajuku Lovers Perfume – Lil Angel

HarajukuLoversWickedStyle-1024x595My recent impulse purchase – Harajuku Lovers Perfume in Lil Angel. So I was walking home through Rexall, and this caught my eye (same story, yes). They were super adorable and only $9.99! They had five colours or styles of girls, and they are all some stereotype of fashion-forward girls in Japan. I was mainly deciding between Lil Angel (which is a gothic lolita style), and Music (which is a visual kei style). I love both styles, but in the end I chose Lil Angel because of its name. I had no way of testing out the smell since they were all in sealed boxes, so I just picked it based on the girl on the top and the name.

collageLuckily, I really like the scent of the perfume. It’s described as “sparkling floral” fragrance, made from plum, champagne, bergamot, pomelo, lotus, rose leaves, water lily, sateen wood, amber and musk” [citing from fragrantica.com]. For me, it smells like flowers, very fresh and citrus-y. I noticed that the staying power isn’t very good at all – I sprayed it on my wrist and I couldn’t smell it after about 30 minutes.

DSC_0168The amount of perfume is actually very little. It only has 30ml / 1 oz. But I don’t use perfume everyday, so I don’t see this as a huge problem. I mainly wanted this because of the doll and not because I needed a new perfume. I think it will look really nice on display in my room =) If you’re looking for a practical perfume, however, I would not suggest getting this one because although it smells really nice, it fades too quickly.

Review: Elizabeth Arden Perpetual Moisture 24hr Cream

DSC_0189 What a mouthful. This is a new eye cream I’ve been using since my old one ran out. Its a rather pricey eye cream, retailing at about $30 for 15ml, but it is one of the best rated eye creams out there. The box it came in looked nice, but the actual jar is not very nice looking. The green colour is just weird. And, it may look like  a big jar, but really, its just the little big in the middle that has the product. I feel like I’ve been conned, like when you buy a bag of chips and half of it is air.

DSC_0190Anyways, the cream itself is very smooth, and dense, a little like butter at room temperature. It feels very nice on the skin, and is moisturizing. Since it says ’24hr’, I only use it at night, so it will last longer. I used to put eye cream morning and night, but I haven’t seen a big difference so might as well save 10 seconds in the morning. Performance wise, I haven’t noticed any major chance in my skin, so its not one of those magic creams. Its a very good version of a standard eye cream. You also don’t need very much at all, so I can see this tiny jar lasting a long time.

Its not the most expensive product, but its not cheap either. I would probably recommend this if you are looking for something better than drugstore creams, but not exactly Lancome or La Mer.


Review: Maybelline Master Drama Eyeliner

This eyeliner is quite amazing. Let me break down the pros and cons.


  • Super black
  • Stays put like gel liner
  • Super creamy and soft
  • Twist up (no sharpening)
  • Does not smudge
  • Twist up thing doesn’t work too well (sometimes I have to keep twisting and twisting)
  • Only twists up, not down
  • The tip gets blunt so its hard to draw a fine line
Overall, I quite like the eyeliner. The product itself is good, although the application is a little messy. It is just like using a gel liner, without the trouble of using a separate gel liner and brush and having to clean the brush, or have the gel liner dry out.

Review: Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser

I’ve been using a sample of this Biore cleanser for the past.. maybe two weeks now. It is made especially for combination skin, and claims to:

  • Provides an even, all-over clean without stripping skin’s natural moisture.
  • The formula leverages Skin Purifying Technology that addresses the needs of combination skin.
  • Oil-Free
  • Non-Comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Dermatologist Tested

It sounds like a healthy cleanser, and its not a drying or harsh one. Whether it addresses combination skin I don’t know because recently my skin has been normal, as in not oily or dry at all.

I quite like it, because it smells really nice. The smell isn’t strong or overpowering at all, but there’s a definite  smell, that reminds me of soap or shampoo or something. I can’t really tell. Anyways, it comes out as a clear and gooey gel, and foams up quite nicely. It does manage to clean the skin quite well (I’ve tried with makeup on my hand), but because it does not dry the skin, it lacks that clean feeling after rinsing. In fact, I have to wash my face a few times to make sure I got rid of the cleanser because I really can’t tell whether its still there or not because it still feels like my normal face afterwards.

Overall: Yes, I would buy this cleanser, because it seems good for the skin and did not cause any break outs at all, but the one bad thing is my skin doesn’t really feel clean, even though I know it is.

[Review] Skin79 BB cream

This BB cream was very popular and very highly rated, so when I saw this in a store in Hong Kong for a inexpensive price, I decided to buy it. There are 3 other bb creams in the same Super+ line, but this one was most popular. I’ve been using this since summertime in Hong Kong, and I’ve used in in the winter of Canada, so I have a pretty good idea how it works on my skin in different weathers.

This is the first bb cream I’ve used. It has a light-medium coverage and looks quite natural (I like lighter coverages), and like all bb creams, it oxidises to fit your skin tone after a few minutes of application. This particular bb cream isn’t too grey, it actually looks fine when I first put it on my skin.

Now for the lasting power. When I was in HK, it was much warmer and more humid, so after a few minutes in the heat anything feels unpleasant. I felt that it was slightly oily, but I mean, thats with all the sweat and humidity so I guess thats expected. Here in Canada’s winter, this bb cream is actually really really drying! After a day of wearing this, I see dry flakes on my face. My skin doesn’t do that normally, and I only apply this to small areas of the face where I need the coverage, so it is obvious that the dry flakes was caused by this bb cream. I was horrified at first, but now I just mix in a little moisturiser with the bb cream and it feels a lot more smoother and lighter when applied. I’ve heard the gold colour bb cream is more moisturising, so I probably should have bought that one instead.

So overall rating: 7/10. It’s probably worth the price I paid for it, but I won’t be repurchasing again.