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Revenge is a new TV show I’ve been watching. Its a new show – still showing Season 2 right now.

I like it because its not the usual romance, drama, comedy type, but more suspense, plotting and thinking. THe main girl, Emily, tries to ‘take revenge’ on a certain family, who in the past destroyed and framed Emily’s father. She plots and attempts brings down all the people related to her father’s scandal.

Sometimes I hate her for being such a fake and manipulating b*tch, but other times I remember she’s the victim and she is so clever in her plans. And she’s pretty too =)


Pretty Little Liars

I started watching this tv show – Pretty Little Liars – and I think its really good! I watched like 15 episodes in one day, so thats an indicator of how much I like it.

It takes place in high school, and is about these four pretty girls – (from left) Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily. The underlying plot is that their friend, Alison, died mysteriously, and the four girls start receiving messages from “A”, and they try to figure out who this “A” is. There are side stories as well, about high school and dramas within.