Contact lenses

When I have to go to school I wear glasses 90% of the time, unless I have a formal dinner or an interview or something. But now I don’t have school, I want to wear contacts more so that I can use some of my eye make up 😛

I don’t know why, but my eyes are very fickle towards contact lenses. Some days they are perfectly fine, and I can wear them all day, maybe with some eye drops. But some days I put the contact lens into my eye and mother of god it stings and burns like no tomorrow. That happened yesterday. But today when I tried them, the exact same pair I tried the previous day, exact same solution, and they were perfectly fine. I will never understand it.

What I use:

  • Acuvue Oasis contact lenses with Astigmatism (bi-weekly pairs)
  • Opti-free Replenish contact lens solution
  • Blink Contacts lubricating eye drops

I’ve been using the Acuvue Oasis contact lenses since I started using them. When I first tried contacts I used the 1 day lenses. However, since I’ve switched to the 2 week ones, I realised how un comfortable the 1 day ones were. Sure, they are much cleaner and eliminate the need to buy the cleaning solution, but they are extremely thin, hard to put in, move around in my eye and fall out easily. The 2 week ones are much more durable and comfortable. The only downside is when I only need cons for a day, I’ll still have to open a new pair, because the ‘2 week’ label means that you must dispose it after 2 weeks of opening it, even if you only use it once. Of course, you can extend the use of them past 2 weeks, I’ve used them for a whole month before disposing them, but it becomes less comfortable and less moisturised towards the end.

As for the cleaning solution, I always get the travel size one because it comes with a free case and I switch them every so often so the dirt and bacteria doesnt get builded up inside. It is very standard, no complaints, nothing special. There are more functional ones in the market, for example ones that remove protein build up.

I only started using the eye drops since I moved to Canada, because it is much more dry here and it was unnecessary in Hong Kong. I don’t have complaints about the Blink one, but I might try another brand next time for comparison.

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