The Secret World of Arrietty


It’s been a while since I’ve watched any Ghibli Studio movies, so when I stumbled across this one I decided to watch it. Unfortunately, I could only find the one dubbed in English, which in my opinion ruins the movie, but it was still good. Ghibli Studio always incorporates supernatural things, and this one is about tiny people, or “Borrowers” as they call themselves. They live undetected by humans for the most part,  and “borrow” things that people won’t miss, such as a sugar cube, or a piece of tissue. And then one day a boy discovers a young female Borrower.

The soundtrack, as always, is amazing, and the story is a very pleasant, heartwarming story. No action or fighting in this one, but rather the small and simple things in life that makes you happy.



The artwork is so detailed and stunning. It’s like every scene could be a painting.

This movie reminds me a lot of the book Secret Garden, although it says it was inspired by The Borrowers by Mary Norton. I noticed in the movie, Sho was reading a book which I am sure translates to the Secret Garden. Its funny because I was thinking about it and then I saw the book title. The boy is just like that sick child in The Secret Garden, although I’ve forgotten his name. I read that book when I was in my mid teens, about 7 or 8 years ago.



Overall, can’t say its my favourite Ghibli Studio movie, but still a nice one to watch. My all time favourite is Laputa Castle in the Sky, which is actually really really old now. A close second is Spirited Away. I also liked Nausicaa Valley of the Wind, and Princess Mononoke, and one of the more recent ones Howl’s Moving Castle. They’re all amazing. Some more abstract than others, but all deliver a deeper meaning if you think about it.


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